Blizzard causes issues getting to campus

Ben Keller ’21 along with other sophomores and freshmen walk across the parking lot to the Saint Benedict Building for lunch. The large amount of snow this winter has effected several aspects of campus life including getting to and from school.

A blizzard hit Nebraska on Feb 23 causing many problems for drivers on the roads for the next two to three days. It also caused issues for some students as they tried to return to classes Monday morning. It did help that school started late at 10 am. The severity of the roads that weekend left countless cars all over Nebraska stuck, whether it was up an impossible hill or on the sidewalk, it was very rough.

“I was okay with going to school on Monday because it was a late start and I didn’t have to rush,” Phong Le ‘21 said. “But, I couldn’t see the lanes and it was hard to drive, it was slippery and I almost hit a car.”

While Le had troubles coming to school Monday morning, students who returned Sunday night had it worse.  Devin Luque ‘19 got stuck in a ditch when turning on Mount Michael road.

“So Dr Peters and Mr Cormier said there’s school. So I assumed the roads were fine, but when I got on 216th street the roads weren’t looking good. So I just drove slowly and ended up getting stuck in a ditch,” he said.

Teachers were also affected by the road conditions. Some had to change their normal route because of the huge piles of snow.

“I had to go a different route because there was an issue of plowing on the side roads and I couldn’t get up the hill at my apartment complex,” Spanish teacher Colin Koehler said

For others their commute was much longer.

“It took me about an hour and 20 minutes to get to school,” physical education teacher Bob Sullivan said.

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