Chacon chimes in on After Hours ahead of Weeknd appearance in Omaha

Standard cover art for deluxe album for After hours After Hours, released on March 20, 2020, was produced primarily by the Weeknd, along with a variety of producers. Original photo by Anton Tammi

 The Weeknd plans to make his way to Omaha on April 16 to perform at the CHI Health Center. The venue just began hosting concerts again in 2021. He plans to play several pieces from his fourth studio album, “After Hours,” by Xo and Republic Records, which released in March 2020. Since it was issued, the album has been critically acclaimed as an “artistic reinvention” and “The Weeknd’s best work.” The album is a work of the former Canadian singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd and music producers such as DaHeala, Max Martin and OPN.

 The album is composed of 14 hit songs, including four singles that were previously released and covered in the US Billboard Hot 100. After Hours also broke the record for the most global pre-adds in Apple music history, and it has received mainly positive reviews from music critics. 

After listening to the album a couple of times, I have no doubts that this album is one of the best works of The Weeknd and that it certainly matches, if not exceeds, the higher expectations created by his other hit albums. It sets an environment that makes you feel as if you were in a different, old era, and it does it so greatly that you can notice it as soon as you listen to the first song.

According to an interview that the MTV Channel had with The Weeknd, the R&B/Soul album was inspired by different famous movies such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Joker” “Casino and Uncut Gems.” The album After Hours also explores looseness, overindulgence and self-loathing.

Most of the songs on the album refer to something that the Weeknd has gone through, and they do it in a way that you can relate to even if you have not been through those things. The album as a whole is an experience of his own world and the way he wants to depict it to you.

Although it is clear that After Hours is an excellent album that has had an important impact on modern music, The Weeknd was not nominated for the sixty-third Annual Grammy Awards which created controversy and shock among fans who ended up claiming that the Grammy Awards were corrupt.

Despite all the trouble and controversy, I would 100 percent recommend anyone to listen to this incredible album as it can be a good way to start listening to the R&B genre or to understand the artist behind this masterpiece.

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