Campus fosters friendship and exploration

A cross stands just past the end zone of Nate LaFave Field. Several prayer sites were built on the Mount Michael campus for students to grow in their faith life.

Mount Michael is known for its campus. Located in the in the Elkhorn River Valley, it rests on a large hill, or “Mount”, overlooking the Elkhorn River. Out in the country, it has much to offer in the form of nature.

The uniqueness of the campus at Mount Michael is obvious at the very start. You arrive on a gravelly road in the farmlands, and the first thing you see is the forest and some glimpses of the view off the Mount.

For boarders learning to live with a phone policy stricter than they are used to, many students resort to the woods for entertainment. With back trails, hills, fallen trees, and dumps, there is a menagerie of things to see just by leaving the dorms for a little bit

“Freshman year was strict on our phones, so we had to find other ways of having a good time. So, we went outside and made our own fun,”  Cameron Mallisee, ‘21 said.

Another part of the campus that makes it unique is the faith. Nestled next to the football field is the Marian Shrine, reached by a path in the trees. You can find a calling there, bask in God’s glory in the sunsets, and pray to the Blessed Mother.  

“It’s really inspirational to walk around and just experience the nature for yourself,” Thomas Ramaekers, ‘21 said.

Lastly, being outside, walking around, talking, experiencing the campus’s hidden wonders leads to solid friendships.

“I really found some great friends, like Alfonso Castillo and Matthew Geary, in those woods. Even though Alfonso isn’t here anymore, we’re still friends.” Dane Storch, ‘21 said.

The Mount is produced by the students of Mount Michael Benedictine School.