New student adjusts to life at Mount Michael

As the new semester kicks into gear, a new student is settling in. Nick Wehbe ‘21 transferred in from Elkhorn South High School. He and his parents mutually decided that Mount Michael would be the best option for him.

“My parents thought I wasn’t getting a good enough education at Elkhorn South, and we both agreed that coming here would best prepare me for college,” Wehbe said.

Boarding was an adjustment for Wehbe, but, so far, he is enjoying the new experience.

“I’d say getting used to boarding has been the hardest and most unique part, though it is probably also the part I am most excited about too — living on my own and all,” Wehbe said.

While Wehbe lives away from home, he has a roommate to help him adjust to this boarding life.

“He’s been a great roommate. It’s like we have the same personality,” Wehbe’s roommate Napat Sinthuchaeron ‘21 said.

According to Wehbe, the academics and workload at his new school are more rigorous and hefty, so managing time wisely is something he is working at.

“He seems like a great kid. He sits at the back, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid to talk to everyone. He has been working hard and is doing really well,” Spanish teacher Colin Koehler said.

Although Wehbe has been enjoying his time at Mount Michael, there are some things about his old school that he misses.

“I really miss the great band program that Elkhorn South has. Mount Michael just doesn’t have one like South’s,” Wehbe said.

Despite missing things every now and then, Wehbe affirmed that transferring was ultimately a good decision in order to prepare him for his future college education and career.

“It was a decision for the best, and I am excited to see what my future here has in store,” Wehbe said.

The Mount is produced by the students of Mount Michael Benedictine School.