Snow day call inspires shouts of joy across campus

Playing on the drifts, Christian Fletcher ’21 and Ben Gathje ’22 prepare to make snowballs while Luke Wooten ’22 gives advice. Students and faculty have had to adjust to the after effects of a large amount of snow this winter, including watching for ice and flooding as the snow has melted.

With predictions of a snowstorm coming right in the middle of a week,  the student body hummed with excitement. On Feb 20 they got their wish, the third snow day of the year.

When the call came students on every floor of the dorms celebrated.

“The whole sophomore floor erupted.” Christian Fletcher ‘21 said.

This wasn’t exclusive to the sophomores. All over the school people were cheering. People were reading the email aloud to joyful students working in the gym, students were cheering putting things away preparing for their free-day, and many immediately went home to enjoy the day off.

Huy Lee ‘21 spent his day catching up on sleep and spending time with his roommate Jackson Heller ‘21. While Peter McAndrews spent his day relaxing and generally taking a break from the  stressful school life at home.

In the end, the roads were clear enough for everyone to attend mom prom at the of end the day off.

While three snow days in a school year can seem like an abundance, most schools in the area have had more.  Some students find it difficult to adjust when a snow day is anticipated but doesn’t happen.

“Several times people have talked about the likelihood of a snow day the day before it happens, and nothing happens, that can be rough,” Fletcher said.

This sentiment was shared by a large portion of the community. They said it is a disappointment worse than if you never expected it.

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