Students adjust to new found free time

Logan Hock ’20 hangs out in the dorms while listening to Ben deMayo ’20 playing the guitar. With fall sports ending, students have much more time to relax.

With fall sports coming to an end, students have more free time. Across campus, students are outside, playing pick-up games, hanging out in the weight room, and generally socializing in the dorms.

Some athletes treat the off-season as a time to build up and get ready for the season to come.

“I work usually three days a week and try to go on runs. I want to stay in good health so I can work on what I need to improve on from last season and do better this season,” Henry Gnann ‘21 said

While some work in the weight room, some take this time off from athletics to work on their academic life by getting right to work on their homework and studies.

“I usually spend most of my time up in my room studying after school. I don’t do much else,” Chun ManYeung ‘20 said.

While some students do something productive during this time, others like to take the time in the off-season to rest and relax while doing some work on their own.

“I lift. I rest. I also get ready for my upcoming sport. I am in conditioning of sorts for baseball.” Joe Bazata ‘20 said

While some students can enjoy the time off, all things come to an end. That being said, some students are looking forward to end off the off-seasons and the sports events to come.

“It was kind of boring in between seasons with no events to go to,” Sean Stumpff ‘20 said. “I am just excited to see them start up again.”

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