Walmart trips highlight boarder weekends

Ryan Choi ’20 and Jae Shin ’19 gather supplies for the upcoming week. Walmart trips allow boarders to stock up on necessities and spend time with classmates.

The most exciting moment for all seven-day borders would be the Walmart trip. Every Saturday after lunch is the time when they hop into the school bus and go to Walmart. Unlike five-day borders, who can go out every weekend and buy everything they need, 7-day borders have to go out altogether to the Walmart to buy groceries. Sophomore Dean Michael Collins is the one who drives them to the Walmart.

“It is a fun time for us because we are not in our parents’ radar which allows us to buy any food we want,” Joon-ho Yoon ’22 said.

The most typical things that are purchased include foods, like snacks, chips, drinks, and other instant items that can be cooked in the microwave. Many of the students described Walmart as a place with everything.

“In my hometown, all the stores are separated based on what they sell like a grocery store, stationery store, or furniture store,” Daniel Phan ‘20 said.  

Usually, they get about 30-40 minutes to shop and return to the school bus. According to Ryan Choi ‘20, an employee of Walmart happened to know their story, and he started to remind seven-day borders how much time was left and where the bus was at.

“Because it is a solid weekend routine, I think he was wondering about our identities,” Choi said.

After they come back to school, it is a time to enjoy and share food.

“I always share some snacks or chips with others because it is a great time to show the true meaning of community,” Jerry Fan ‘20 said.

Moreover, most of the seven-day borders described the Walmart trip as a great way to practice a little independence as well as buy something they enjoy.

“Sometimes, shopping makes me happy because I have to focus on what I desire and not on the stressors in my life,” Choi ‘20 said.

The Mount is produced by the students of Mount Michael Benedictine School.