‘Senioritis’ kicks in for Class of 2020


Michael Kremer ’20 kicks back in Journalism class as other students collaborate. Kremer can be seen relaxing throughout the day in the majority of his classes.

Michael Kremer ’20 kicks back in journalism class while other students collaborate. Kremer can be seen relaxing throughout the day during the majority of his classes.

Senioritis has already began to plague the class of 2020, and, personally, I’m also ready to get high school over with so that I can get on with my life. Each day it feels as if I am trudging along a path trodden with a lack of motivation to put one leg in front of the other.

 I cannot emphasize how little I want to do school work this year, and I can assure all you underclassmen that senioritis is very real. Some of you may think that it does not exist or that lack of motivation is something that every student has to deal with. I assure you that senioritis is whole new ballpark of laziness that you truly will never fully understand until you finally reach your senior year.

I always thought senioritis was just an excuse to explain being plain lazy, but it is so much more than that. It cannot be quantified or explained by science. Senioritis is just something that we all experience as our high school years draw to a close. In fact, that is the very feeling I am experiencing right now as I write this article and fight the urge to put away my laptop and watch the new season of “Thirteen Reasons Why.”

The ongoing mental battle is extremely intense and a lot of bargaining goes on when trying to decide how important an assignment is versus how much I want to do something else. Most of the time, the activity not related to school wins and leads to my grades taking the heat. Although this is partially my fault, some of the blame should also be placed on my case of senioritis. 

One of my limited reasons to keep going is the fear of what my parents will do for my punishment, and let me tell you, they don’t take it easy with punishments. However, this year I have an actual reason for my parents due to my ailment. We must rely on our brothers at Mount Michael to help one another make it through the year. Senioritis cannot be stopped by one person’s will, but, as long as we lean on each other for help, we can get through it as a brotherhood.