Students Lack of Motivation During 2020 Spring Semester


Like most schools in the US, students spent their 2020 Spring semester online. For many students, it was hard to stay motivated. 

Many students spent time enjoying the outdoors almost treating the quarantine like summer. As a result of this, motivation levels went down from when students were at school. 

From an online survey of 100 student body members, motivation levels went down 30%. Students were asked from 1-6 how motivated they are in an online environment and the average answer was a 3.

One reason some students struggled is they are missing the in-person accountability that regular classrooms provide. Most students mentioned that they were not motivated because there was no one in person to push them like there is at school.

“It is easy to not be very motivated due to the lack of direct enforcement of the rules,” Elliot Simpson ‘23 said. 

However, the hardest part of the e-learning environment may just be the distractions that come along with it. Students do not receive mandatory study hours and are free to do whatever they please.

“It is easy to not be motivated because I have many hobbies that are tempting to do ahead of school work,” Matthew Rodgers ‘23 said.

Many students were just not focused all the time. Distractions such as social media, sports, nice weather, family, friends, and sleeping can all get in the way of school work. And when high school students get the opportunities to not do school work, they almost always take it. 

Joseph Chouinard ‘21 put it in a way that most students can agree with. 

“You are at your house, your bed is five feet away from you, and they still want you to do your homework,” he said.

The seniors had the hardest time being motivated. Senioritis is often a common mindset for seniors to develop in their last semester of high school. Throw in online learning and it is even harder to stay motivated. Only a third of senior students feel any motivation to do their school work, as this is all they had left in their high school education. 

Some students, however, do feel motivation to do their schoolwork, even though it can be easy to put off. 

The most common response to what gives people motivation is grades. Everyone wants to excel academically and to do that you need to have some motivation to do your work, even when times are tough. The freshmen realize that their grades will matter down the road, leading them to have the highest grade level motivation. 

The process of online learning left many students wanting to give up and not do their homework; it is easy to be distracted by many forms of social media and activities at home. 

“Sadly, it is our reality right now and we have to make lemonade out of these lemons. It is very important that students push through, even though we have been online, these grades still go on their transcripts and it is their education.” Christy Crnkovich said.