New Dress Code

New Dress Code

The dress code has been altered slightly for the month of October. Instead of wearing each facet including dress shirts, ties, pants and dress shoes, students and staff will not be required to wear the usual ties. Also they will be able to wear a polo shirt or a button down shirt according to head of school, Dr. David Peters.

He says this decision was made by the administration in response to everyone following the guidelines of keeping on masks. 

“We felt everyone was doing a great job with the masks,” Peters said. “We decided that this would be a little thank you gift to everyone.”

With the announcement, there was some surprise and excitement. After all, not having to wear a tie eight hours a day is a dream come true according to most students. 

Peters says that he desires students to feel comfortable and wants to shake things up a bit, similar to spirit days especially in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

History teacher Tom Swanson ‘01 had mixed thoughts. Although he likes the regular dress shirts and tie, he believes it will be a nice trade-off for the masks. He also stated that the school should definitely return back to the regular dress code eventually. He sees that as a “sign of returning back to normal”.

“I see it as an important characteristic of who the students are at Mount Michael,” Swanson said.

This dress code is planned to be only in effect for the month of October, but Peters stated that the administration will assess it throughout the month.