New Student Investment Club

Guest Speaker, Justin Vossen informs the committee about investing.

Mount Michael takes great pride in its STEM-centered curriculum. With the construction of the David “DJ” Sokol building, the opportunities for students to gain experience in the STEM world expanded dramatically. However, the students who plan to major in business/finance are only given slight exposure through the one-semester-long personal finance course. As a result, Landen Fogle ‘22, Maxwell Vossen ‘22 and Callan Schroder ‘22 took matters into their own hands and created the Student Investment Committee.  

“The Student Investment Committee is a great opportunity for students to get involved outside of the school curriculum,” Committee President Fogle said. “It will provide students wanting to learn more about investing with real world, hands-on learning experience.

The committee currently consists of 21 students ranging from freshman to seniors. With meetings every Monday evening, the crew discusses the stock market and investing terminology. 

“We meet around 6:30 p.m. in the old [Benedict] building,” John Farrell ‘25 said. “We usually talk about current events and how those are affecting the stock market.” 

The Student Investment Committee plans to receive money directly from the booster club to invest and potentially profit from. There, the students receive first-hand experience with handling significant portions of money.

“We feel that working with real money will be a better experience,” Chief Financial Officer Vossen said. “I think that will help us take it more seriously and be conservative.”

The proposal was initially approved by the administration back in November. However, the students have yet to receive the portion. 

“Although it has been a very long process to get the actual funds, we have been able to grow our knowledge in investing with different videos, a stock game and a guest speaker.” Vossen said. 

For now, the committee’s meetings consist of plans and proposals for potential stocks and companies to invest in the upcoming future. 

“Usually, we have a few people present on potential stocks to invest in,” Farrell said. “It’s good practice for us to give presentations about business and financial planning.”

Although the Student Investment Committee has not seen as much progress as they would like, the group provides a solid business/financial exposure for future students. 

We hope that after leading this club for a year, underclassmen will recognize the importance of learning about investing and continue the club for the years to come,” Fogle said.