Students Start Recreational YMCA Team

With the Omicron variant still in full force in late 2021, much of America was still perplexed by what was to come, continuing to leave those we love with nothing to do. One thing was for certain, though: the gym was always open. Mount Michael junior Jack Huber ‘23, in his push to become a better athlete for next football season, decided it would be in his best interest to capitalize off the occurrence and get a YMCA membership.

Huber claimed this decision was rooted in the YMCA’s values of  “putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” Through these values, Huber believed he would improve not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. 

Huber had to make the burdensome decision of who he would bring alongside him. That is when I, Ben Harris ‘23, was brought into the spotlight to prove myself and begin golf conditioning.

 However, just a few weeks in, another student, Aiden Brink ‘23, attempting to make a push to “run faster,” decided it would be in his best interest to join the Y. 

We three individuals grinded day-in and day-out and, luckily, ran across a great opportunity: a recreational basketball league. 

Along with a few of our former middle school classmates, we joined the league and were successful right away. 

Huber led the pack with a near triple-double average. I stayed alongside playing the role of sixth man, averaging a solid 12.5 points per game, with a career high 33 points. With these great performances, our YCMA team, the Gremlins, ran through every challenge brought our way, finishing with an undefeated record. We would have won the YMCA championship, if there was one. 

However, with everyone’s busy schedules, needing substitutes was a given every week. That is when juniors Brink and Nolan Beller ‘23 came into the spotlight as a needed boost for the team.

 Brink, a little rusty with his game, relied on his athleticism to get the job done and be a bruiser for the squad, filling up the stat sheet. Beller joined for an opportunity to keep his basketball journey alive and did an exceptionally good job at it. Often leading the offense down the court, he found a way to put up a respectable 17 points and lead the squad to victory against Kenyon Krejci’s ‘24 former team, the Millard Bulls. 

Those involved found much ecstasy throughout the season, and it is likely that the Gremlins will run it back next year.