New Nike Threads, New Opportunities


Mount Michael athletics have a fresh look this year that’s not only from a coaching standpoint, but the brand itself. Nike and Mount Michael have partnered up for the new sports season.
Nike is one of the largest companies on the planet, and to be partnering with them will be a great help for this sports season.
Whether seen on the banners above the street on Mount Michael road or the artwork in the gym, the Nike logo is all over the Mount Michael campus.
It has started to show on the field, too. As the fall sports season has progressed, tennis and football are sporting new uniforms this season, as will the spring and winter sports teams.
Activities Director Derrick
Spooner emphasized the importance of looking like a team during games and practices. “We will also be showing unity on the field by wearing the same uniforms.”
They will also be of better quality than in years past.
Cole Gustafson ’23 said, “The new uniforms are in very good shape whereas a few games after we got the previous ones, they were already tearing.”
Some of the uniforms’ features aid in appearance, too. “They are shorter so you don’t have to
worry about them getting untucked and looking bad during the game,” Gustafson said.
However, not every player prefers the new jersey’s. Nathaniel Oehler ’23 said, “I liked how the last ones fit tight to our bodies because it made it harder for the other team to grab onto us.”
Still, using similar designs across all sports demonstrates a sense of community and brotherhood among athletes.
Getting the Nike sponsorship was not an easy task. Coach Spooner reiterated this, saying, “I worked with my Nike rep for a long time to get this
With fresh looks, the student
athletes of Mount Michael will demonstrate pride in their appearances and play during the sports seasons.