Inside the Mind of Brother August


Q: Have you ever had a spiritual encounter with Christ?


A: Ehhh… That’s a difficult one. I think there are times. Umm. Throughout the monastic life I’ve experienced Him through liturgy and prayer. My sister lost her husband about ten years ago, and at the grave site it was definitely a Godly encounter at that moment. So most definitely through highs and lows you experience his presence.


Q: So do you really like hotdogs over hamburgers?


A: Yes! Hotdogs are my favorite food!


Q: What’s your favorite hotdog spot?


A:  Ummm… I like hotdogs from the store. Well… I prefer hotdogs that have the cheese on the inside.


Q: Are you a Ketchup, Mustard, Relish kind of guy? Or what are your “go to” condiments?


A: Mostly mustard. I like mustard. Sometimes onions, cheese, some of that stuff. Sometimes a good salsa is good as well.


Q:  Have you ever attended the greatest show on dirt to indulge on a gloriously boiled or charred dog?


A: No I have not, no I have not, umm… okay.


Q: So, why did you choose the name August, do you have a special connection to that month?


A: Yeah…uhh…I like St. Augustine. I had a lot of prayer from my mother just as St. Austine’s mother prayed for him. My great grandfather was named August.


Q: Have you ever on purpose or by accident tried a gluten free host?


A: Um..No I have not.


Q: In your opinion which came first, the chicken or the egg?


A: Chicken, if you were to take the creation story seriously and you’re not supposed to take them literally… umm… so chicken.


Q: What is the most controversial thing you have given up for lent? Or the most difficult. Perhaps hotdogs?


A:  Ehhh… I haven’t really given up hotdogs for lent before. I would say… especially when you get older giving up holding onto resentments and anger.


Q: Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?


A:  I… I.. would be in ehhh… favor of the large duck… even little horses are very mean. In fact the smaller the horse, the more tempered it is.