Harris Breaks Knights Rushing Record

Harris Breaks Knights Rushing Record

On September 29, 2022, Jake Harris ‘23 and the Mount Michael Knights took home a tremendous 66-19 win against Westview. Harris rushed for 125 yards on 10 carries and had 6 rushing touchdowns. Harris broke the school’s previous record of five rushing touchdowns in a single game, previously held by Jeff Jamrog ‘83 since 1982. With Harris’ six rushing touchdowns, he scored an incredible 60 percent of the time on his touches leading the Knights to victory. 

“It felt like I was in a dream,” Harris said, “it is a game I am never going to forget because it was unique from all the other games I had ever played before.” Harris was proud of his success and the team’s performance. “I think the offensive line was on point all game,” Harris said, “they are the ones who really let me score all those touchdowns.” Harris was grateful for his teammates’ support and the opportunities they gave him. “It is something that will be a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Harris remarked, “I will cherish it forever and probably tell my kids about it.” 

One of the team’s lineman, Conor Connealy ‘23, enjoyed the game and thought the team played well together. “The team as a whole was very fun to watch,” Connealy said, “it was nice to see our team’s chemistry come together fully.” Connealy also noticed Harris and his performance on the field. “Jake in particular was very impressive,” Connealy said, “and if you have ever seen him play, then you know how hard he runs.” Connealy also noted his admiration for Harris’ work ethic and drive. Connealy believes Harris deserved his achievement that night. “It was only a matter of time before he broke the record,” Connealy said, “I’m really happy for him because he works harder than just about anyone on the team, he deserves to have his name on the record board.”

Head Coach Allen Burrell also commented on Harris’ performance. “Jake had a great game against Westview, he ran the ball extremely well in and outside the tackle box,” Burrell mentioned, “the offensive line did a great job getting him into space that night.” Burrell also saw the team’s bond and their support for each other. “What got my attention was how when he scored his fourth touchdown of the game, all of his teammates got excited for him knowing he was one away from tying the single-game touchdown record and two away from breaking it,” Burrell said, “That moment showed me these guys are selfless and want nothing but the best for one another.”

Since Harris’ record-breaking game against Westview, the Knights have suffered only losses. The Knights lost against the Gross Catholic Cougars in the first round of playoffs.