Operation Others Outreach


“We do not live for ourselves only, and we do not die for ourselves only. 

If we live, it is for the Lord that we live, and if we die, it is for the Lord that we die. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14: 7-12 

We live our lives for others —- Operation Others! 

For numerous years now, the students of Mount Michael have been helping with a program that began years ago at Creighton Prep. It began with a Jesuit who was a dead-eye hunter. At a certain point, he became so good that he did not know what to do with all of his game. So, he thought of the people of Omaha who did not have an ample supply of food. He shared his geese and other wildlife game with the needy. 

Operation Others came to full fruition in the years ahead. If you Google “Operation Others”, you will find lots of information about this wonderful program. It seems to grow more and more every year.  

The following two paragraphs from the website of Creighton Prep say it all. 

“Since 1967, this student-led effort provides food assistance to families at Christmas and educates others about food insecurity in our community to encourage a preferential option for the poor. 

At its inception as a Prep activity, O. O. gathered enough food to help 57 families (500 People). Now with the help of eight Catholic high school students, almost 1,200 local families (6,000 people) receive food boxes in December, these students from Creighton Prep, Marian, Duchesne, Mercy, Skutt, Gross, Roncalli, and Mount Michael participate in the important work that Catholic Teaching and the Gospel message encourage.” 

This year Mount Michael’s faculty representative is our new Theology teacher, Ms. Michaela Ecker and the student leader is Jacob Goertz. Mount Michael has received the assignment of collecting canned fruit for this project. Our representatives have been soliciting students and their families to collect these canned goods. There will also be a Homeroom competition to see who can bring in the most canned fruit. 

Campus Ministry of Mount Michael also kicks in lots of funds from the profits of the Farmer’s Market and other items sold in the bookstore. Right now, the various baked goods, muffins especially, are piling up the dollars for Operation Others. Mount Michael students enjoy a snack during the day, but they are also helping feed the poor as well. It is a most interesting exchange—not unlike the Eucharistic food coming from the table of the Lord— the table of plenty! 

Another wonderful aspect of this program is how it is organized to bring students of other schools together. Oftentimes, the rivalries between schools, even Catholics schools is very apparent, especially in sports. Competition is not always a bad thing. But I must admit seeing these students coming together for such a purpose is a heartfelt thing for me. It is a perfect opportunity to really live the Gospel— to really be what we say we are. 

Finally, I would like to thank several people who help Campus Ministry of Mount Michael to keep this program alive and successful. They are Ms. Ecker Jacob Goertz, and John Farrell. And of course, thanks to all those of the past few years who worked so hard with this program. Thanks needs to go out to Jerry Kinney of Creighton Prep — he IS the force behind it all. 

 If any of you readers of the Mount would like to help with this program, we would welcome your efforts.