Top 10 Worst Movie Antagonists


Antagonists can be some of the most beloved characters in Hollywood. Characters like Darth Vader, Voldemort, and The Joker are all influential villains that make their franchises popular. However, sometimes there are some downright awful antagonists that make it to the big screen. These characters are often unnecessarily cringe, evil, or have absolutely zero character development. Here’s our take on the top 10 worst movie antagonists of all time:


  1. The Hunter (Bambi) 

The Hunter, with the combination of a lack of hunter’s safety rules and downright foul play in the hunting industry makes him a very unlikeable character. First, we as watchers of the movie learn to love the innocent Bambi and his mother. Early within the movie, The Hunter releases his dogs to chase Bambi which is highly illegal and according to the Nebraska legislature website, is at least a 500 dollar fine. Next, considered one of the saddest scenes in Disney movie history, the foul play of killing a doe is very frowned upon kill in the hunting world and a true tear jerker within the movie.

  1. General Hux

Oftentimes being referred to as “space Hitler,” General Hux is one of the most pointless characters in Star Wars. He actually made a great first appearance, and many Star Wars fans thought he would become a fan-favorite First Order general. However, throughout the rest of the trilogy, he’s always getting clowned on by both Snoke and Kylo Ren, constantly getting force choked and dragged across the floor by them. Then, in the Last Jedi, he randomly decides he is going to betray the First Order, just because he hated being bullied by Kylo Ren. Right after he betrays, he gets blasted in the chest. A perfect ending for a subpar character.

  1. Chef Quasimodo Wilson

Some say, “love is blind.” This is evident in the movie “Hotel Transylvania” when Mavis falls for a human, Jonathan. This is forbidden and everyone believes that he is in fact a Frankenstein, but Chef Quasimodo Wilson doesn’t. Throughout the whole movie Quasimodo and his pet rat, Esmeralda, attempt to kidnap Jonathan in hopes to prove his human identity and even goes as far to start cooking him. But, Dracula came to the rescue, and in the end Chef Quasimodo’s evil plan was shut down and he was frozen for eternity and excessively licked by Wayne’s kids to end his scenes of the movie. In the end, the two lovers of Mavis and Jonathan unite to round out a great kids movie.

  1. Layton T. Montgomery 

Layton T. Montgomery is the infamous man who fought a court case against bees. Now, if you don’t think that in itself is downright stupid, I don’t know what to think. Montgomery is claiming that the only thing bees know is to sting. If you know anything about the environment, you would know that bees contribute to pollinating food crops, and are essential to the ecosystem. Layton, knowing wholeheartedly that he was losing the court argument, infuriated Adam Flaymen enough for him to sting Mr. Montgomery. Montgomery then acted out in an attempt to save his case. This failed and the bees were free to prosper, free from the deadly bee smokers. To sum it all up, this overweight lawyer lost a highly intellectual dispute to some insects.

  1. Dolores Umbridge 

Dolores Umbridge was introduced in “Harry Potter and th Order of the Phoenix” as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. From her very first appearance, she became one of the most hated characters in the Harry Potter universe. She was a selfish, cruel professor who believed in harsh punishments for her students. On top of that, she was Harry Potter’s version of a “racist,” as she disregarded all half-breeds and thought that wizards were the only species that mattered. On top of all of this, she has terrible fashion-sense. Just way, way too much pink. 

  1. Gale from Zookeeper

Nothing infuriates oneself more than someone stealing your shorty. This is just one of the instances of Gale being an op. For example, Griffin (played by Kevin James) attempts to join in on the bike ride in hopes to rizz up Stephanie, but Gale wasn’t going to let that happen. So he repeatedly cut off and hit Griffin, thus being an absolute jerk. At the wedding in an attempt to tick off Griffin, he plays he and Stephanie’s song. This angers Griffin and in an attempt to get back at Gale plays “Easy” by The Commodores and glides through the air like a majestic bald eagle upon the dance floor. But by the end Griffin learns that the woman he truly wanted was right in front of him in- Leslie. In conclusion Griffin said it best, “Sorry Gale, you’re a female.”

  1. Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear (Toy Story 3)

Lotso’s backstory is quite abrupt and sad. He, like every toy, was loved by his owner from the moment they made eye contact. But, one day his owner Daisy fell asleep and left her toy… But they never came back. In hopes of reuniting with his owner, he traveled back just to see that her parents bought her a new Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear. This angered the bear, so he and his two associates traveled to Sunshine Daycare, where he suverted all the toys to benefit himself. The thing that utterly befools me is the fact that when they are in the trash inferno, Buzz and Woody save Lotso from death, just for him to leave them to die. But because Buzz and Woody are Hims, they survive. Lotso is punished and a trash man picks him up and keeps him for eternity. In the end, Sunshine Daycare is saved thanks to Buzz and Woody. 

  1. Kevin (Fred)

Kevin Libo, or Kevin “Dawg” is the main antagonist in the hit “Fred” movies. For one, his physical appearance is definitely something to hate. He is often seen sagging his pants, and he always wears a sideways blue flat-bill that has a “K” on it. Kevin is an obnoxious neighbor that always does whatever he can to bully Fred. He is extremely hot headed and arrogant. Not to mention, he is a horrible lyricist, as one of the lines of his rappin’ in “Fred 3” was, “Step to us, I take the bus to school sometimes, because my mom, uhh… works some mornings.”

  1. Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad is the ruler of DuLoc in the first “Shrek” movie. He is a wizard at manipulating his citizens, and both his stature and his temper are short. Because of this, he is seen as more of a meme than an intimidating villain. Farquaad spent most of his time as ruler trying to make DuLoc a perfect place, and captured many fairytale creatures in the process. He is so unconfident in his athletic abilities that he has to hire Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona for him. His extreme selfishness and toxicity is shown when he says to his citizens, “Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

  1. Ian Hawke

I don’t think this one is up for much debate. He is the main antagonist in “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” as well as “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.” He is a selfish and arrogant individual that goes to any extreme to make sure he gets what he wants. He worked for Jett Records and took advantage of his clients (the chipmunks) and abused them for his own personal gain. Not to mention he got outsmarted by a couple of chipmunks that have a significantly smaller brain than himself. In short, he’s just a loser.