Ground Breaking Decision at The Mount


Mount Michael, known for its unique campus and nostalgic atmosphere, has built its identity through its rich history. But like all things, it had become outdated and needs improvement. 

In the Fall of 2018, the DJ Sokol Learning For Life Building was built, which contributed greatly to Mount Michael’s overall learning environment.

On the athletic front, additions such as the golf simulator and renovated weight room have been made. Most recently, tennis improvements have transpired, largely influenced by a successful program which brought home state titles in 2020 and 2021. As revealed on November 9, a new tennis facility is in the works.

This facility is projected to have an abundance of amenities, including six new courts located north of the current baseball field. These plans have already gotten current students excited. Senior tennis player Drew Van Haute ‘23 said, “It will definitely make the coaches’ lives easier and make talent development easier.”

Another plus to these new tennis courts is that the Mount will finally be able to host varsity tennis tournaments. The Knights have already accomplished much without having home-court advantage, so the addition of spectating borders will only make the competitive experience better. “This will allow for more practice time for everyone and improve the tennis program overall,” Alex Poole ‘25 said.

It also adds a recruitment aspect, as the new courts are expected to attract prospective students. Admissions Director Mr. Tom Maliszewski ‘13 said, “This addition, like any sports related one, makes Mount Michael a more attractive destination for any incoming freshman, especially those interested in tennis.”

Mount Michael’s 400 acre campus is constantly being improved with new additions, and it will only continue. The Mount has always been a place of academic excellence, and now that the DJ Sokol building is up and running, athletic facilities will only continue getting upgraded, including future track and gym renovations. The new state-of -the-art tennis courts will soon be a staple of the Mount Michael campus, and will help student-athletes for years to come.