Christmas vs. Christmas Eve? It’s All Up to You


The time of the year has come. The day everyone looks forward to. The time where we finally hear the bells cling, the music ring, and the people sing. Christmas is a time for family bonding and feasting, exchanging gifts, renewing friendships, and spreading holly cheer. However, the day before Christmas also includes all of these festivities. Which begs the question, is Christmas Eve better than Christmas Day? 

Mount Michael students shared their opinions on the matter. “Christmas is way better because of the presents,” AJ Atayi ’23 said. “The apprehensive feeling that Christmas Eve gives doesn’t compare to opening up presents on Christmas morning. Christmas Day is when you enjoy the food, family, and other events that come along with Christmas and whatnot.” 

Barrett Sykora ‘25 stated, “Christmas Eve is better because you get a glimpse of Christmas Day if you stay up late enough. I usually drink G-Fuel and play Fortnite before I go to midnight mass.” Sykora has family traditions that make the Christmas season extra special. “In my family, we watch a bunch of Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music–specifically Mariah Carey–and wear matching pajamas,” Sykora ‘25 said.

Christmas cannot be celebrated without a celebration the day before. Christmas Eve includes all the nerves, excitement, and is the buildup to Christmas Day. Families visit their loved ones, watch movies, give and receive presents, cook meals, and listen to music. On Christmas Day, when people open that last present or eat that last meal with the family, the Christmas season feels as if it has come to an end. People begin to look at their flight times, pack their bags, and say their goodbyes. Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day due to the anxious feelings, the midnight mass, the caroling, and the family time.

No matter which day is better, both are a great time for generosity and thanksgiving. Christmas time is a season of togetherness, in which we think about others and become the best version of ourselves. 

The Christmas season is right around the corner, make sure you send your wish lists to your grandmas, bake your cookies, and build your snowmen. Also, be nice to your siblings–do you really want coal in your stocking? As Bruce Springsteen once said, “Santa Claus is coming to town!”