Controversial Statements Lead to Consequences For West


The week of October 2 was an eventful week for the American rapper, producer, and fashion designer, Kanye West. Not only did West, who has since legally changed his name to Ye, wear a shirt displaying the words “White Lives Matter” to Paris Fashion Week, but he also sent out an antisemitic tweet in the days following, which was part of a long-standing antisemitic conspiracy theory. 

West wore an extremely controversial t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week, likely aware of the negative reactions it would yield. West’s decision to wear the shirt immediately drew criticism, even from his peers. West also appeared on “The Tucker Carlson Show” later that week, claiming the shirt was “funny” and that wearing it was “the obvious thing to do.”

Not long after, West shared screenshots of messages on Instagram referencing his conspiracy theory that Jewish people are secretly conspiring to control the world’s media and government. After his Instagram account was suspended, he took to Twitter and put out an extremely antisemitic tweet, suggesting ideas of violence (ADL).

There have been a plethora of companies that previously partnered with West that have since parted ways with him. West was suspended by both Twitter and Instagram and companies such as Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga have ended business dealings with him. West’s sports marketing agency Donda Sports has also experienced troubles, as star athletes Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown have ended their relationships with his agency. This may only be the beginning, as Forbes has projected the controversial artist’s net worth to have dropped from $2 billion to $400 million in only weeks. 

Several years ago, West, received a bipolar disorder diagnosis. Many people have used his mental health as a scapegoat for his erratic behavior and inflated ego. Since his diagnosis, he has openly discussed his struggles with mental illness. He has a lengthy history of acting erratically and making contentious claims, but his most recent outbursts raise concerns for his commercial interests.

Ye West has acted inappropriately on many occasions and now, the consequences are beginning to build up. His most recent behavior has earned him a major decrease in net worth and has disrupted many important relationships.