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Brotherly Advice: Senior Offers Guide To Becoming An Academic Weapon


What gives Mount Michael the edge on other highschools in the Omaha area? Simpletons might reason that students or the scenery make this educational establishment supreme, yet the true philosophers beg to differ. Education gives a school the necessary tools to keep the establishment operating. Without a highly qualified teaching staff, a school becomes a prison for the youth. In contrast, with a world class teaching staff, students get to enjoy the world of knowledge. With the help of teachers at The Mount, I have come to enjoy my classes, even if some are more challenging than others.

  1. AP English Literature/Language ft. Ms. Sullivan

In my time at Mount Michael, I have had Ms. Sullivan as an English teacher for three years. Through her classes, I have been able to grow my vocabulary and expand my knowledge and usage of English grammar. There is no doubt that Ms. Sullivan is a top tier educator. Along with engaging her students with daily class, to providing her insight on college essays, Sullivan’s courses are very rewarding for anyone who applies.

  1. Speech ft. Mr. Bradley, Ms. Sullivan, and Mr. Elster

Freshman year at The Mount is a different experience for everyone. When 60 freshmen, all with different opinions, are forced into a classroom to speak their minds, many arguments and agreements are formed. By throwing young minds into the river of social conduct, freshmen learn how to speak with fluidity and confidence. Along with all the benefits, speech class also brings in some laughs. With many various topics and tones, freshmen can enjoy themselves in the classroom.

  1. AP US History/ US History ft. Mr. Roshone

Personally, I have never found myself enjoying a history class before AP US History with Mr. Roshone. With either the AP or regular course, juniors study the context leading up to the present day United States of America. With Roshone’s lecture and notes teaching style, students are engaged in class discussion, whether this involves data information from reading assignments or past knowledge. On top of Roshone’s history expertise, his writing critique is top notch. Using a very blunt style of editing, students are taught how and how not to draft a thesis, use context, and properly answer the prompt. Through my time in AP US History, I have had paragraphs, even pages, crossed off of my papers. This experience has created a precedent in all my works of writing; to always write with purpose.

  1. Physical Education ft. Coach Sullivan

For students that are short on credits for a semester, PE is the perfect class to take. Each day, students participate in a wide variety of sports. Utilizing The Mount’s vast amount of campus, PE students compete indoors and out. Run by Coach Sullivan, each PE class after freshman year includes a mix of students. While competing against upperclassmen might sound horrifying, PE athletes are known for their inclusivity. Sullivan makes sure everyone is having a good time while running all the activities. As a three-semester physically educated student, I can confirm that PE, run by Coach Sullivan, is a top tier course.

Honorable Mention AP Calculus ft. Abbot Michael

Freshman me could not fathom the enjoyment of mathematics. I have never been the best mathematician in the classroom, yet this year, with Abbot Michael, I have started to understand the science of numbers more fluidly. Abbot’s style of teaching is different from other arithmetic teachers. By making students understand why certain math works, Abbot proves the validity of common equations. With the students’ new understanding, Abbot builds off of basic principles to introduce more advanced  topics. This year, I find fascination in learning how basic math principles evolve into calculus. For those who are unsure about taking AP Calculus, I suggest taking the class. Abbot Michael has been working with Calculus for some time now. Any math questions that anyone might have could be answered by the Abbot.

  1. World Religions ft. Mr. Cormier

Going into senior year, students do not want to get involved with any unnecessary work. When signing up for classes, seniors usually route for the easier course. All of my life, I have been in catholic schools, learning about all the nooks and crannies of what it is to be a Catholic. Having the option of an easy class, or an interesting class, I chose the interesting option. I had no prior knowledge of religions around the world with the exception of catholicism. With Mr. Cormier behind the wheel, students are brought into a discussion based class with occasional reading quizzes and tests. After learning about various religions, students are introduced to cults, ranging from harmless to dangerous. If students are looking for a class that flies by in their daily schedule, Cormier’s course is the one to take.

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