Winter sports are live, the Striv team is back

Winter sports are live, the Striv team is back

The basketball season has started, which means the Mount Michael Striv team is back in action. Striv is the online live streaming service used by Mount Michael to broadcast their home games so others can watch remotely. Striv was first introduced three years ago during the pandemic, and it is now a big part of the athletic program. 

“Striv is a good way to get the student body involved,” Athletic Director Derrik Spooner said. “It helps more people see the games, whether it be grandparents who couldn’t make it out or alumni who are out of town.” 

 The basketball Striv crew consists of two student commentators, Andrew Fink ‘23 and Ben Harris ‘23 who commentated games last year. With a year of experience under their belts, Fink and Harris look to make Striv a better production than previous years. 

“Fink and I got it down to a science and are ready to prove ourselves this upcoming Striv season,” Harris said.

Although the basketball Striv team utilizes student commentators, the production for football does not. “Football is simply a bigger operation. There is a lot more that goes into Striv when it comes to football than any other sport,” Spooner said. However, this does not mean that the football production is superior to the other Striv productions at Mount Michael.

Harris, the color commentator, is looking to improve on last year and make the Striv experience better for those at home. “What made Striv fascinating was to always be thinking above and beyond to grab the listeners attention,” said Harris. “Striv is monumental to the basketball fandom of the Knights, which is something that being a part of is a true honor.”  

Fink, the play-by-play commentator, is passionate about commentating for Striv. “I wanted to do Striv again this year because I had so much fun with it last year,” Fink said. “I liked how I could act like I was on national television.”  

With both Fink’s and Harris’ passion for Striv, it is evident that the winter season for Striv will be an even better production. “Fink and Harris do a great job,” Spooner said. “They have gotten better at it. It helps when you have guys that buy into the system.”